Unveiling the 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe with an All-New Boxy Look

Unveiling the 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe with an All-New Boxy Look

Unveiling the 2024 Hyundai Santa

The abundance of spy shots we’ve shared in recent months was no exaggeration – the all-new Hyundai Santa Fe is a radical departure from its predecessor. Embarking on its fifth generation, this midsize SUV embraces a delightfully boxy design, accentuated by quirky lights featuring the iconic “H” motif. The complete overhaul infuses the vehicle with a more rugged appeal, boasting 21-inch alloys wrapped in 245/45 R21 tires, nestled within square wheel arches. An expansive tailgate spans the width of the car, leaving a lasting impression.

Down below, the taillights are positioned quite low, incorporating the same distinctive “H” theme, while the Hyundai logo and oversized “Santa Fe” lettering grace the tailgate. Although specific technical details remain undisclosed at this stage, Hyundai does reveal that the wheelbase has undergone a stretch. To jog your memory, the outgoing Santa Fe measured 108.9 inches (2765 millimeters) between the axles. Embracing an unconventional approach, the South Korean automaker seeks to imbue this remarkable redesign with a fresh look and maximize interior space to the fullest extent.

Overview Unveiling the 2024 Hyundai Santa

Prepare to be captivated as Hyundai introduces its highly anticipated 2024 Santa Fe, showcasing a remarkable departure from its predecessor with an all-new bold and boxy design. This latest iteration of the midsize SUV marks the fifth generation of the Santa Fe lineup, embracing an unmistakable transformation that is sure to turn heads on and off the road.

At first glance, it becomes evident that the 2024 Santa Fe exudes a strikingly distinctive appearance both inside and out, leaving behind the conventional design cues of its past versions. The automaker has dared to venture into uncharted territories with an unconventional approach, taking on a refreshing and daring boxy styling that sets it apart from its predecessors and competitors alike.

The exterior of the Santa Fe boasts a fusion of rugged elegance, drawing inspiration from a Defender 130 vibe when viewed from the side. The front fascia showcases funky lights with an “H” motif, effectively integrating Hyundai’s iconic emblem into the design language. The vehicle’s aesthetic charm is further enhanced with 21-inch alloys complemented by 245/45 R21 tires, all housed within square wheel arches, exuding a robust and adventurous aura.

Moving inside, the 2024 Santa Fe surprises with an inviting and modern ambiance. Embracing the latest automotive trends, it adopts a curved dual-screen setup, ensuring seamless connectivity and advanced infotainment features. While the dual-screen layout represents a contemporary touch, the automaker stays true to its roots by retaining separate controls for climate settings, featuring a harmonious blend of old-school buttons, knobs, and capacitive-touch keys, catering to the preferences of diverse drivers.

The all-new SUV boasts a strikingly distinct appearance both on the outside and inside, setting it apart from its predecessor entirely.

Taking inspiration from the Defender 130 in its side profile, the 2024 Santa Fe undergoes significant transformations on the inside as well. Embracing the latest trend, it adopts a curved dual-screen setup, while retaining Hyundai’s signature separate climate control settings with a combination of old-school buttons, knobs, and capacitive-touch keys. This blend of classic and modern elements aims to cater to diverse preferences.

The spaciousness of the vehicle becomes evident with ample room between the front seats, accommodating two side-by-side wireless charging pads. A notable design trend is the continuous air vent that stretches across the dashboard from end to end. To contribute to sustainability efforts, recycled plastic finds its place in the construction of floor mats, headliner, and even the backrests of the fully foldable second- and third-row seats. Leatherette, another eco-conscious material, adorns the door cards, further exemplifying Hyundai’s commitment to environmentally friendly choices.

Featuring in the adjacent gallery is the striking 2024 Santa Fe painted in copper, proudly displaying the “2.5T” logo at the back, alongside the presumed “HTRAC” branding.

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