United Auto Industry Raises Bike Prices

United Auto Industry Raises Bike Prices

In response to a recent surge in price hikes within the industry, United Auto Industry has joined Yamaha and Honda in increasing the prices of its motorcycle models and scooters. The company issued a notification citing the current economic climate in the country, coupled with the inflation of the US dollar against the Pakistani Rupee and an increase in raw material costs, as contributing factors to the decision to raise prices.

United New Prices

The old and new prices of United Bikes in Pakistan, effective from April 11, 2023:

  • United US 70: old price Rs. 103,500, new price Rs. 106,500
  • United US 100: old price Rs. 108,500, new price Rs. 110,500
  • United US Scooty 100: no change in price
  • United US 125: old price Rs. 154,000, new price Rs. 159,000
  • United US 150 Ultimate Thrill: no change in price

It’s important to note that the prices of Yamaha and Honda bikes have also increased recently in Pakistan. The Honda CD 70, for instance, now costs Rs. 149,900 after an increase of Rs. 5,000, compared to its old price of Rs. 144,900. The Yamaha YB125Z (Red/Black) has seen a jump of Rs. 34,000 and now costs Rs. 342,500 compared to the old rate of Rs. 308,500.


United Auto Industry, a major motorcycle manufacturer in Pakistan, has recently raised the prices of all its bike models and scooters. The company cited several reasons for this price increase, including the current economic situation in the country, the inflation of the US dollar against the Pakistani Rupee, and the rise in the price of raw materials. The prices of the United US 70, US 100, and US 125 models have increased, while the prices of the United US Scooty 100 and US 150 Ultimate Thrill have remained unchanged so far. This price hike follows similar moves by other major bike manufacturers in Pakistan, such as Yamaha and Honda. While price hikes are a common occurrence in the industry, they can affect consumer behavior and purchasing decisions, particularly if they perceive the increases as unjustified or excessive. The impact of these price hikes on the market for United Bikes in Pakistan will depend on several factors, including consumer preferences, alternative brands and models available, and the overall state of the economy.

United Auto Industry Raises Bike Prices