Toyota Raize Price, Reviews and Specification in Pakistan

“Navigating Excellence: Unveiling the Toyota Raize – Price, Reviews, and Specifications in Pakistan”

PKR 48 to 88 lacs

The Toyota Raize price in Pakistan ranges from PKR 4,850,000 to PKR 8,800,000.

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Toyota Raize Price

The Toyota Raize is a new SUV that came out in 2019 and was brought to Pakistan from Japan. The Toyota Raize price in Pakistan ranges from PKR 4,850,000 to PKR 8,800,000. It has advanced technology from Japan and is good for driving every day and for trips on the weekend. In Pakistan, you can buy a used Toyota Raize for PKR 5,000,000 to PKR 5,000,000. The price can change depending on how old the car is, how many miles it has been driven, what type of car it is, and how good of shape it is in.

The Toyota Raize looks a lot like the Daihatsu Rocky. They are both made using Daihatsu’s new DNGA way of making cars. It is easy to drive like an SUV but is small like a compact car. The car is made to be the best in how it drives, how nice it is, and how safe it is. There are three types of Toyota Raize cars in the world: the Toyota Raize X, the Toyota Raize Z, and the Toyota Raize G. The Z type is mostly brought to Pakistan.

The Toyota Raize 2024 looks like a strong small SUV. The front has corners on the bumper that stick out, a grill shaped like a trapezoid, thin LED lights in the front, and lights that turn on one after another. It has wheels that are 17 inches big and space in the back for bags that can hold 369 liters. This big space for bags is one of the reasons people like this car. The car comes in eight different colors and you can even get it in two colors.

Toyota raize vs Honda Vezel

The Toyota Raize and the Honda Vezel are two well-liked SUVs in Pakistan. A used Toyota Raize costs around PKR 5,000,000 while a used Honda Vezel costs around PKR 4,500,000. Both cars are similar in size, but the Toyota Raize is a little shorter and not as wide as the Honda Vezel. Both cars can seat 5 people and are about the same height off the ground.

The Honda Vezel has a hybrid engine that is 1496 cc while the Toyota Raize has a petrol engine that is 1000 cc. The Honda Vezel has more power and can go faster than the Toyota Raize. Both cars have an automatic transmission and can go about the same top speed.

Both cars have things like air conditioning, wheels made of alloy, brakes that won’t lock up, windows that open with a button, steering that is easy to turn, and doors that lock with a button. The Honda Vezel has more airbags to keep you safe than the Toyota Raize. Both cars can hold about the same amount of gas and can go about the same distance on the highway on one tank of gas, but the Honda Vezel can go farther in the city on one tank of gas than the Toyota Raize.

In the end, both cars are good in their own way and it depends on what you like and what is important to you when you pick one. It’s always a good idea to drive both cars and see which one you like better before you decide

Toyota Raize price in Pakistan

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Toyota Raize Price in Pakistan


Toyota Raize Z Price in Pakistan


Toyota Raize 2024 Price in Pakistan

48,50,000 – 88,00,000

Toyota Raize Engine Specifications

Engine Type3 cyl, turbo-petrol
Power98hp at 6000rpm
Torque140Nm at 2400-4000rpm
Fuel Efficiency (WLTC)18.6kpl (2WD)/17.4kpl (4WD)

Toyota Raize Fuel consumption

Engine TypeTransmissionFuel Consumption (km/L)
1.2L naturally aspirated gasolineCVT18.9 (mixed conditions)
1.0L turbo petrolCVT17.9 (mixed conditions)

Toyota Raize Interior

The Toyota Raize is a compact SUV with a modern and stylish interior. It features a touchscreen head unit that supports multimedia activities while driving. The head unit can be easily operated using the steering wheel controls, and the speedometer has a modern design.

There are 2 interior images of the Toyota Raize, showing the dashboard, steering wheel, storage, front AC vents, 3rd-row seat, rear seats, folding seats, and touch screen. The car is also equipped with an engine start-stop button, multi-function steering wheel, tachometer, driver’s side inside door controls, front seats, center console, glove box, and front AC controls.

Toyota Raize Exterior

The Toyota Raize is a compact SUV with a modern and stylish exterior. Its bold and dynamic design is sure to turn heads on the road. There are 2 exterior images of the Toyota Raize, showing the front angle low view, headlight, wheel, front fog lamp, grille view, and driver’s side mirror front angle.

In Pakistan, the car is available in 6 different colors: Red, Silver Metallic, Gray Metallic, Turquoise Mica Metallic, White Pearl SE Black, and Yellow SE Black. The exterior features of the car include a front left side view, headlight view, wheel view, front fog lamp view, grille view, and driver’s side mirror front angle view.

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Toyota Raize Specs

Release Date5 November 2019
Drive SystemFront-engine, front-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive
Length3995 millimeters
Width1695 millimeters
Wheelbase2525 millimeters
Ground Clearance200 millimeters
Engine TypeTurbo Charged, 3 cylinders, Inline. 12-valve DOHC with VVT-i
Engine Displacement998 cc
Maximum Output98 ps / 6,000 rpm
Maximum Torque140 Nm / 2,400 – 4000 rpm
Fuel TypeGasoline