KIA Lucky Cars Prices Increased After 25% GST

There were reports of KIA Lucky Motors increasing their prices in Pakistan following the imposition of a 25% GST on all vehicles imported or assembled in the country.

According to reports, the prices of KIA Lucky Motors’ vehicles increased by an average of PKR 100,000 to PKR 300,000 depending on the model. This was due to the fact that the 25% GST added a significant amount to the cost of production, which was then passed on to the consumers.

It’s worth noting that the increase in prices of KIA Lucky Motors’ vehicles was not unique to the company, as most other automobile manufacturers in Pakistan also increased their prices following the imposition of the 25% GST. The government of Pakistan had implemented the tax to increase revenue and reduce the country’s fiscal deficit, but it had the unintended consequence of making vehicles more expensive for consumers.

ModelNew Price PKROld Price PKR

Stonic EX



Stonic EX+



Sportage Alpha



Sportage FWD



Sportage AWD



Sorento 2.4L FWD



Sorento 2.4L AWD



Sorento 3.5L FWD



KIA Stonic 2023 Price in Pakistan
KIA Stonic

PKR 52.0 - 57.3 lac

Kia Sportage
Kia Sportage

PKR 70.5 - 83.7 lac

KIA Sorento

Kia Sorento

PKR 95.4 - 103.9 lac


Why are the prices of KIA cars increasing in Pakistan rapidly?

There could be several reasons why the prices of KIA cars are increasing rapidly in Pakistan. Some possible factors that could be contributing to the price increase are:

  • Increase in production costs: The cost of production for KIA cars may have gone up due to several reasons such as an increase in raw material costs, fuel costs, labor costs, or other factors. This increase in production costs can lead to an increase in the final price of the car.

  • Exchange rate fluctuations: If the exchange rate between the Korean Won and the Pakistani Rupee fluctuates, it can affect the price of KIA cars in Pakistan. If the Korean Won strengthens against the Pakistani Rupee, then the cost of importing KIA cars to Pakistan increases, and this can lead to an increase in car prices.

  • Increase in taxes and duties: The government of Pakistan may have increased taxes or duties on imported cars, which can lead to an increase in the price of KIA cars in Pakistan. Similarly, if the government imposes new taxes or duties on the automobile industry, it can also result in a price increase.

  • High demand: If the demand for KIA cars in Pakistan is high, then the company may increase its prices to take advantage of the high demand and maximize its profits.

It’s important to note that these factors are not unique to KIA cars and can apply to other automobile manufacturers in Pakistan as well. Additionally, other factors such as inflation and economic conditions can also impact car prices in Pakistan.