Honda Jade price in Pakistan Images & Specification

Honda Jade: The hybrid MPV that combines style, performance, and efficiency. See it for yourself with images and specification, and get the best price in Pakistan. Honda Jade: The car that has it all.

PKR 52 lacs

Honda Jade price in Pakistan is PKR 5,200,000.

honda jade price in pakistan

Honda Jade

The Honda Jade is a compact MPV produced by Honda. It was first introduced in the Chinese market in September 2013, where it is manufactured by Dongfeng Honda. It is based on the ninth-generation Civic platform and has two seating versions for 5 or 4+2 passengers. In Pakistan, the price of a used Honda Jade ranges from PKR 5,200,000 to PKR 5,200,000. The fuel consumption of the Honda Jade Hybrid is reported to be between 24-25 km/L. The interior of the Honda Jade is very attractive with a splash of wooden trims here and there giving Jade a more premium look and feel. The car’s cabin comes in only 4+2 seating configuration which we have often seen in proper family MPVs rather than compact MPVs. The ground clearance of the Honda Jade Hybrid X is approximately 140 mm.

Honda Jade Review:

The Honda Jade RS is a compact MPV that can seat up to six people and is equipped with an intriguing turbocharged engine featuring Earth Dreams Technology. It handles more like a hatchback than an MPV. The car’s front is characterized by Honda’s ‘Solid Wing Face’ design, which combines a spindle-shaped, mesh-type front grate with a pair of LED headlamps. The Jade RS is longer, wider, and lower than the Toyota Wish, giving it a more commanding road presence and a more aggressive stance.

The interior of the Jade RS’s cabin is designed according to Honda’s ‘Man Maximum Machine Minimum’ principle, which showcases the car’s clever use of space. The cabin design is sleek, and the two-tiered dash is reminiscent of the 2006 Civic FD. The sensibly placed controls demonstrate that Honda has not lost its touch for ergonomics.

The Jade RS features a 7.0-inch high-definition capacitive media interface that provides intuitive control at your fingertips. Smartphones can be connected to the system via USB, HDMI, or Bluetooth.

The Jade RS’s 1.5L Turbocharged engine produces 150HP, compared to the Civic Turbo’s 178HP. However, 150HP is still a robust output, and the Jade won’t feel sluggish under any conditions.

Honda Jade price in Pakistan:

VariantPrice PKR

Honda Jade Hybrid X Price in Pakistan


Engine Capacity of Honda Jade

Engine TypeDisplacement (cc)
1.5 L L15B DOHC VTEC turbo I41.5 L (1498 cc)
1.5 L LEB DOHC Hybrid I41.5 L (1498 cc)
1.8 L R18Z6 SOHC i-VTEC I41.8 L (1798 cc)

Honda Jade Hybrid Fuel Consumption

ModelFuel Consumption
Honda Jade Hybrid24 – 25

Honda Jade fuel tank capacity

VehicleFuel Tank Capacity

Honda Jade fuel tank capacity

50 liters or 11 gal


Honda Jade interior

The Honda Jade is a compact MPV made by Honda. Honda Jade’s interior has some similarities with the Civic, combining elements from the 8th and 9th generations, but with improved quality. The interior is very appealing, with wooden accents that give the Jade a more luxurious appearance. The dashboard provides a cocooned feeling for the driver, and the center console resembles a cockpit.

The driver’s information display is positioned high on the dashboard and is digital, featuring a digital RPM gauge. The car’s cabin is only available in a 4+2 seating arrangement, which is more common in full-size family MPVs than in compact MPVs. It’s odd that Honda Japan chose to stick primarily with this arrangement since the Chinese version is available in both seven-seat and 4+2-seat configurations. On the bright side, there is plenty of seat adjustment for both front and middle passengers, and the legroom in this car is exceptional. The middle seats can be reclined and moved forward and backward to adjust legroom.

The exterior design of the Honda Jade is sleek and contemporary, with a sporty front grille and angular headlights. The interior is spacious and well-designed, with comfortable seats and a variety of features such as a touchscreen infotainment system, climate control, and a panoramic sunroof.

Honda Jade Exterior

You want me to rewrite the text and remove the references. Here is my attempt:

The Honda Jade is a car that can run on both electricity and gas. It has a smooth and stylish look on the outside. Some of the features of the Honda Jade’s exterior are:

  • It has a shiny metal bar with the Honda symbol on the front, along with bright lights that can switch between low and high beams, and smaller lights that help in foggy weather.
  • It has metal wheels with ten spokes each and tires that are 215/50/R17 in size. It also has mirrors on the sides that can fold in and out, and have blinking lights to show which way the car is turning. The car also has a special bodykit that makes it more aerodynamic and attractive.
  • It has a small wing on the back that has a light to warn other drivers when the car is stopping. It also has red lights on the back that show when the car is braking or reversing, and a small window wiper to clean the rear glass. The car also has a metal pipe that lets out the exhaust gas.
  • The Honda Jade only comes in one colour, which is a shiny white. The car is 4,645 mm long, 1,775 mm wide, and 1,500 mm tall. The car has a space of 2,760 mm between the front and rear wheels, and a height of 150 mm from the ground.
honda jade hybrid fuel consumption

Honda Jade specifications

Body Style5-door MPV
LayoutFront-engine, front-wheel-drive
Engine1.5 L L15B DOHC VTEC turbo I4, 1.5 L LEB DOHC Hybrid I4, 1.8 L R18Z6 SOHC i-VTEC I4
Wheelbase2,760 mm (108.7 in)
Length4,660 mm (183.5 in)
Width1,775 mm (69.9 in)
Height1,535 mm (60.4 in)
Fuel Consumption (Hybrid)24 – 25 km/L
Fuel Tank Capacity50 L (11 gal)