Honda Civic Fails to Find Buyers in March 2023

Honda Civic Standard 2023 Price in Pakistan

It comes as no surprise that the auto industry in Pakistan was left stunned as not a single unit of the much-beloved Honda Civic was sold in March 2023. The Honda Civic has been a popular car choice among consumers for years. Making this lack of sales a shocking revelation.

Why to Honda Civic Fails toFind Buyers in March 2023

The lack of sales for the Civic in Pakistan in March 2023 is attributed to the recent increase in car prices. The economic depression in the nation, and the introduction of newer, less expensive alternatives. Experts suggest that customers are seeking more affordable options, causing a decrease in demand for high-end vehicles like the Civic. However, Honda Pakistan plans to release a new, more reasonably priced model to attract more customers. The company’s production and supply chain have been severely disrupted. Resulting in a manufacturing halt until April 15, and the company may continue to experience sales difficulties in the future.

Current Prices of Honda Civic

Honda Civic StandardPKR 8,599,000
Honda Civic OrielPKR 8,949,000
Honda Civic RSPKR 10,199,000

Honda Extended Plant Shutdown

Honda Atlas has announced a production plant shutdown for over two weeks due to supply chain disruption caused by a deteriorating economy, restrictions on raw materials and CKD imports, and halting foreign payments. The car assembler has cited these reasons as the main cause for the shutdown and stated that it is not in a position to continue production, according to a letter to Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX). The production plant will remain shut from April 01, 2023, to April 15, 2022.

The auto industry in Pakistan is facing a challenging time due to the country’s worsening economic situation. Toyota Indus Motors and Pakistan Suzuki Motor Corporation are announcing production cuts, and even Honda Atlas, the smallest of the big three, is experiencing the toughest fate since its inception in Pakistan. Honda Atlas had zero sales and production of the Civic due to import restrictions inflicted by the State Bank of Pakistan, causing a production shutdown and no inventory. However, the company is still accepting bookings for Honda cars. Honda Atlas has decided to extend its production plant shutdown for an additional 15 days.