Honda Another Price Hike

Honda Another Price Hike

The prices of Honda bike have been raised for the second time in March, but as usual, the company has not shared any reasons for the hike. The new price of the Honda CD70 is now Rs. 150,000, which seems astonishing given the bike’s shape, design, and capacity. Below are the updated prices for all Honda bikes.

Honda Bike New Prices

The prices of various Honda bike have recently been updated. The Honda CD 70 now costs Rs. 149,900, a Rs. 5,000 increase from its previous price of Rs. 144,900. Similarly, the Honda CD 70 Dream is now priced at Rs. 160,900, up from Rs. 155,500, reflecting a hike of Rs. 5,400. The Honda Pridor’s new price is Rs. 197,900, which is Rs. 7,400 more than its old rate of Rs. 190,500.

Moving on to the higher-end bikes, the Honda CG 125 now costs Rs. 222,900, reflecting an increase of Rs. 8,000 from its previous price of Rs. 214,900. Meanwhile, the Honda CG 125 SE’s price has been raised by Rs. 10,000, taking it to Rs. 265,900, compared to its old rate of Rs. 255,900.

The Honda CB 125F’s price has been increased by Rs. 15,000, bringing its rate to Rs. 365,900 from Rs. 350,900. Similarly, the Honda CB 150F’s new price is Rs. 458,900, which is Rs. 15,000 higher than its old rate of Rs. 443,900. Finally, the Honda CB 150F SE has also seen a hike of Rs. 15,000, with its new rate now at Rs. 462,900, up from the previous price of Rs. 447,900.