The 2023 Toyota Crown Unleashes Its Wild Side with Quad Exhaust and Rear Wing, But Does It Go Too Far?

Japanese aftermarket specialist Tom’s has worked its magic on the 2023 Toyota Crown, delivering a series of modifications that truly transform the car’s appearance and performance. Starting with the suspension, Tom’s has lowered the Crown, bringing it closer to the ground and aligning it with the upcoming Crown Sedan release in Japan. Alongside this adjustment, Tom’s has also replaced the original wheels with a striking custom 21-inch set, available in either glossy black or with a brushed finish. Moving on to the aesthetics, Tom’s has added a chunky front spoiler lip, sporty side skirts, and a captivating diffuser, further enhancing the car’s dynamic appeal. However, it’s the rear of the vehicle where Tom’s modifications really catch the eye. They have equipped the Crown with quad exhaust tips, an attention-grabbing feature that some might consider excessive. In response to those seeking a more subtle appearance, Tom’s offers an alternative configuration with mesh surfaces discreetly hiding the exhaust tips beneath the bumper. As an optional upgrade, Tom’s can also replace the front brakes with a high-performance Brembo setup, providing an extra touch of refinement and performance. With these modifications, Tom’s has successfully showcased their expertise in transforming the 2023 Toyota Crown into a truly unique and captivating vehicle.

More Detail - The 2023 Toyota Crown

Japanese aftermarket specialist, Tom’s has given the 2023 Toyota Crown an impressive makeover. The suspension has been lowered, bringing the car closer to the ground and aligning it with the upcoming Crown Sedan release in Japan. Tom’s has also replaced the wheels with a custom set, available in glossy black or with a brushed finish. The modifications continue with the addition of a chunky front spoiler lip, sporty side skirts, and a stylish diffuser, enhancing the car’s overall appeal. While some may find the quad exhaust tips and large wing at the rear to be excessive, Tom’s offers a more subdued option with a rear skirt featuring mesh surfaces that discreetly hide the exhaust tips beneath the bumper. Additionally, the tuner provides the option to upgrade the front brakes to a high-performance Brembo setup. It’s important to note that the Crown available in the United States and the JDM-spec sedan are just two of the four models in the revitalized Crown lineup in Japan. The lineup also includes a compact crossover and an Estate, which, despite its name, is actually an SUV rather than a wagon.

Then VS Now

Toyota’s latest iteration of the Crown marks a significant shift towards global availability. While previous generations were primarily sold in Japan, this new version will be offered in 40 countries and regions worldwide. By 2024, when all four models are expected to be available, Toyota estimates that approximately 200,000 units will be sold.

Although it is currently uncertain which specific models will be allocated to each market, we do know that all four versions of the Crown will be offered in Japan. The entire Crown lineup is based on the TNGA platform, providing a solid foundation for these vehicles. Depending on the variant, customers can expect hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrain options, as well as the availability of all-wheel drive.

This expansion into global markets represents a significant step for Toyota, as they aim to introduce the Crown to a broader audience and meet the diverse preferences and demands of customers around the world.