2023 Mahindra Thar Price, Features, and Specifications in Pakistan

thar price in pakistan

Mahindra Thar price in Pakistan

The price of the 2023 Mahindra Thar in Pakistan has garnered considerable attention. The second iteration of the Mahindra Thar, which initially debuted in 2020, quickly gained a devoted following. While traditional off-road enthusiasts might have been disappointed by certain changes, the vehicle’s increased versatility found favor with many. With its modernized interior, enhanced features, and relatively user-friendly driving experience, it transitioned into a potential daily driver. The inclusion of an automatic transmission further broadened its appeal.

Mahindra, however, subsequently introduced new Thar models that abandon the 4×4 system in favor of rear-wheel drive (RWD) only. This move coincided with the introduction of a smaller diesel engine, benefiting from tax-friendly attributes that translated to a more affordable price point. Given this reduction in cost, one might wonder about the driving experience of a Thar lacking four-wheel drive capabilities.

Instances of Chinese manufacturers replicating products from around the globe are not uncommon. This trend extends even to automobiles and motorcycles, where certain Chinese-made vehicles bear striking resemblances to those produced by established companies. While Chinese cars may not be readily available for purchase in India, select Chinese enterprises have managed to establish a presence in the Pakistani market. These imitation cars and motorcycles are significantly less expensive compared to their authentic counterparts. Today, we spotlight a distinctive example originating from China but marketed within Pakistan.

Mahindra Thar 2023 Price In Pakistan

VariantsPrice In Pakistan
LX Diesel AT 4WDPKR 45,62,000
LX Petrol AT 4WDPKR 44,30,000
LX Diesel MT 4WDPKR 41,63,000
LX Petrol MT 4WDPKR 39,99,000
LX Petrol AT RWDPKR 37,77,000
LX Diesel MT RWDPKR 30,77,000
AX Optional Diesel 4WDPKR 39,65,000
AX Optional Petrol 4WDPKR 38,06,000
AX Optional Diesel RWDPKR 27,97,000

Mahindra Jeep price in Pakistan varies from 27,97,00 PKR to 45,62,00 PKR.

Mahindra Thar 2023 Price In India

VariantsPrice In India 
LX Diesel AT 4WD16,29,100 INR
LX Petrol AT 4WD15,82,200 INR
LX Diesel MT 4WD14,86,600 INR
LX Petrol MT 4WD14,28,100 INR
LX Petrol AT RWD13,49,000 INR
LX Diesel MT RWD10,99,000 INR
AX Optional Diesel 4WD14,15,902 INR
AX Optional Petrol 4WD13,59,101 INR
AX Optional Diesel RWD9,99,000 INR

Thar Jeep Price in INDIA Varies from 9,99,000 INR to 16,29,100 INR in India.

Mileage Of Mahindra Thar 2023

Mileage Of Mahindra Thar 202312 to 14.65 kmpl.

Engine Specifications of Mahindra Thar

Engine Displacement2184 cc
Max Power130PS @ 3750rpm
Max Torque300Nm @ 1600-2800rpm
Transmission6-speed MT
Fuel TypeDiesel
Seating Capacity4 or 6
Wheelbase2450 mm
Ground Clearance226 mm
Four-Wheel DriveYes, Shift-on-the-Fly
Front SuspensionIndependent Front Suspension
Rear SuspensionMulti-Link Suspension
Front BrakesDisc
Rear BrakesDisc/Drum (Depending on Variant)
Front AirbagsDual
ABSYes, with EBD
Touchscreen InfotainmentYes
Apple CarPlay/Android AutoYes
Convertible Top OptionYes, Removable Hard Top
Dual Front AirbagsYes
Hill Descent ControlYes

Mahindra Thar Fuel Tank Capacity

Fuel Tank 57 L

Mahindra Thar top speed :

The top speed of the Mahindra Thar varies depending on the specific model and engine variant, but it generally falls within the range of 155 to 160 kilometers per hour (96 to 99 miles per hour).

Interior Of Mahindra Thar

Interior of Mahindra Thar 2023

The interior of the Mahindra Thar reflects a harmonious blend of modernity and ruggedness, providing both comfort and practicality for its occupants. With a focus on enhanced convenience and an elevated driving experience, the interior design of the Thar caters to the demands of urban commutes as well as off-road adventures.

Spacious Cabin: The interior space of the Thar has been optimized to offer a comfortable ride for both driver and passengers. The cabin provides ample legroom and headroom, ensuring a relaxed journey even during longer drives.

Premium Materials: High-quality materials have been employed throughout the interior to create a sense of durability and refinement. From the seats to the dashboard and door panels, attention to detail is evident in the selection of materials that can withstand the demands of off-road expeditions while providing a touch of luxury.

Modern Dashboard Mahindra Thar:

The dashboard features a contemporary design with intuitive controls and a user-friendly layout. The center console houses a touchscreen infotainment system that supports features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, offering seamless connectivity and entertainment options on the go.

Advanced Features of Mahindra Thar: The Mahindra Thar comes equipped with an array of modern features to enhance convenience and safety. These may include automatic climate control, power windows, keyless entry, and steering-mounted controls. Safety features like dual front airbags, ABS with EBD, and hill descent control contribute to a secure driving experience.

Convertible Top Option: One of the standout features of the Thar’s interior is the option for a removable hard top. This convertible top allows occupants to experience open-air driving, embracing the spirit of adventure while maintaining the comfort of the cabin.

Utility and Storage Mahindra Thar:

Recognizing the practical needs of its users, the Thar offers various storage compartments and cubbyholes throughout the cabin. These storage solutions ensure that essential items can be kept within easy reach, whether on daily commutes or outdoor escapades.

Attention to Detail: The interior design of the Thar showcases thoughtful attention to detail, evident in elements like contrast stitching, ambient lighting, and ergonomic seats. These small touches contribute to an elevated driving experience and a sense of refinement.

The Mahindra Thar interior boasts comfortable seating that accommodates four to six passengers, striking a balance between practicality and comfort for both urban drives and off-road escapades. The well-designed Mahindra Thar interior seating ensures a spacious cabin, enhancing the overall driving experience. Enthusiasts often explore Mahindra Thar modified interiors to personalize their vehicles, adding unique touches that align with their preferences and off-road needs. Customized Mahindra Thar modified interiors can include upgraded materials, tech enhancements, and tailored features, elevating both style and functionality.

Exterior Of Mahindra Thar

mahindra thar price in pakistan

The exterior design of the Mahindra Thar exudes a captivating blend of iconic ruggedness and contemporary styling, reflecting its dual nature as both an urban commuter and an off-road enthusiast’s dream. With bold lines and functional features, the Thar’s exterior not only catches the eye but also serves a purpose in conquering diverse terrains.

Distinctive Front Fascia of Mahindra Thar: The Thar’s front fascia is characterized by a bold and upright stance. A prominent vertical grille takes center stage, flanked by stylish headlights that incorporate modern lighting technology while paying homage to the vehicle’s classic design lineage.

Muscular Body Lines of Mahindra Thar: Robust and well-defined body lines contribute to the Thar’s muscular appearance, giving it an air of capability and strength. The flared wheel arches not only accommodate larger off-road tires but also enhance the Thar’s imposing presence on the road.

Functional Hood Scoops of Mahindra Thar:

Hood scoops on the Thar’s bonnet not only add a sporty touch but also serve the practical purpose of channeling air into the engine bay for improved cooling during demanding off-road endeavors.

Convertible Top Options of Mahindra Thar: One of the most defining features of the Thar’s exterior is its convertible top options. Drivers can choose between a hard top or a soft top, allowing for open-air experiences that connect with the vehicle’s adventurous spirit.

Durable Exterior Elements: Robust materials and reinforced design elements underline the Thar’s resilience in tackling tough terrain. From the steel bumpers to the protective claddings, the exterior components are engineered to withstand the rigors of off-roading while maintaining a sleek appearance.

Off-Road-Ready Features of Mahindra Thar: The Thar’s exterior is equipped with features that highlight its off-road prowess, including high ground clearance, large approach and departure angles, and sturdy skid plates. These attributes ensure that the Thar can confidently navigate challenging landscapes.

Attention to Detail: The exterior design showcases attention to detail, evident in features such as the stylized fender vents, rugged side steps, and integrated roof rails. These elements not only contribute to Thar’s aesthetics but also offer practical functionality.

Iconic Design Touches:

While the Thar embraces modern design trends, it also pays homage to its legendary heritage. Retro-inspired touches, like the circular headlamp design and classic round rear taillights, evoke a sense of nostalgia and continuity with its lineage.

Variety of Colors of Mahindra Thar: The Thar offers a range of vibrant color options that further highlight its charismatic exterior design, allowing drivers to express their individual styles.

In summary, Mahindra Thar’s exterior design captures the essence of adventure and exploration. With a fusion of contemporary aesthetics and rugged capabilities, the Thar’s exterior invites drivers to embark on journeys that transcend boundaries and embrace the freedom of the open road, whether in urban landscapes or off the beaten path. The Mahindra Thar headlight design seamlessly combines modern LED technology with a rugged aesthetic, ensuring clear visibility during both city driving and off-road adventures. The distinctive Mahindra Thar headlight configuration adds to its striking presence on the road, showcasing a blend of style and functionality.

Mahindra Thar vs jeep wrangler

price of mahindra thar in pakistan Jeep Wrangler

Comparing the Mahindra Thar and the Jeep Wrangler reveals two rugged SUVs that cater to off-road enthusiasts. While both offer iconic designs and capable 4×4 systems, the Jeep Wrangler tends to deliver a broader range of engine options and higher power outputs. In contrast, the Mahindra Thar often provides a more budget-friendly entry into the off-road segment, making it an appealing choice for those seeking adventure on a slightly smaller scale.